The Busker
Ragged Crow Press
Winner: Ohio Writers’ Association Great Novella Contest

Thrift Store Coats
Orson’s Publishing

Dancer From Lake St. Vitus
Day One/StoryFront
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Pine Gap
Peasantry Press


Fiction Anthologies

All That Water
Everywhere Stories: Short Stories from a Small Planet, Vol. II

Blood off Rusted Steel
Best of Ohio Short Stories Volume I

Destroying New Boston
Every River on Earth: Writing From Appalachian Ohio

Miss Ellen Told Me
Best of Ohio Short Stories Volume II
(Coming Soon)

Friendly Sevens
Cincinnati Writers Project

Creative Nonfiction

Shipping Channel
Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine

Wisdom Of Age
Generations: A Journal of Ideas and Images



Midwestern Gothic

Moving Day
Weave Magazine

Stealing Santa
Word River Literary Review

To The Stars
Alt Hist Fiction

Waiting Out The Apocalypse
Bug Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley

Online Fiction Publications

Abigail Newton Goes to Church Alone Again
Maryland Literary Review

All That Water
Matchbook Literary Magazine

Angel of Death
Orson's Review

Basment Party
The Montreal Review

Beautiful Things
Miracle Monocle

Casino Girl
Verdad Magazine, Literature and Art

CHEAP POP Literature

Five Meals in Paris
Jet Fuel Review

Brawler Literary Magazine

In The Center
Literary Juice Literary Magazine

Language School
former cactus

The Literary Bohemian

Russian Red
Nailpolish Stories

Saying Goodbye to People You Know
East Fork Literary Journal

St. Ignace
Burnt Pine Literary Magazine

The Fleeting Sweetness of August
Brawler Literary Magazine

The Ride Home
Fiction Southeast

The Shore of Erie
Marathon Literary Review

Theft Against Such Beauty
Subtle Fiction

Storgy Magazine