Pine Gap: a novel of Appalachia.

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Peasantry Press is a small, royalty paying press headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

About the Book

"Pine Gap" follows the lives of a coal mining family in southeastern Kentucky. Enoch Eskill grapples with changing workplace and union dynamics. Miriam battles a worn body as she performs domestic work at the hilltop residences of mine bosses. Their daughter Jamie, a middling student, weighs relationships and the town's penchant for shunning "leavers" as she decides whether to retain the comfort of home or set off for college. Eldest daughter Rebecca provides for her twins whose father offers more hindrance than help. Their struggles and ambitions overlap when an accident traps Enoch and his crew in a mine and starkly rearranges priorities for the town and family. The story is told from the rotating perspectives of each character and the chapters are segmented by brief vignettes about the fictional town of Pine Gap, which is in some regards as powerful a character as any of the humans that interact with it.

Support for the Book's Production

Composition of this book started while the writer attended the MFA program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale under the direction of thesis adviser Beth Lordan and workshop leader Jacinda Townsend.. Scene research was conducted by author-funded site visits, and research on the logistics of mining took place in Ireland thanks to a grant from the Southern Illinois University Department of Irish and Irish Immigration Studies and the National University of Ireland at Galway. Substantial revisions took place as a result of the Bread Loaf Writers Conference; further revisions and re-composition took place during the Bread Loaf Bakeless Camargo Fellowship at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France.